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Seafood, fresh

*all fresh seafood available next day by order

Farm Raised Salmon (always available)


Smoked Salmon (our homemade, brown sugar brined and Applewood smoked)

Wild Caught Sockeye or Copper River Salmon (available in season, orders recommended)

Oysters (wild, shucked, without shell, available Thanksgiving and Xmas)

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Seafood, frozen


Tuna Steaks

Swordfish Fillets

Orange Roughy Fillets

Raw Shrimp (21-25 / lb., tail off, peeled and deveined, gulf) Cooked Shrimp (16-20 / lb., jumbo tail on)

Salmon Patties

Giant Sea Scallops

Lobster Tails (Nova Scotia, cold water, wild, 6/7 oz. or 8/10 oz., best on market)

Oysters (wild)

Breaded New England Scrod Fillets

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