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red, white, and bbq 

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May 24th - May 30th 



  • All Beef Franks (best ever.) $6.99 lb.

  • Baby Back Ribs (2.5 lb. slabs of American glory) $6.99 lb.

  • 6 oz. Chuck Pattes (you will want 2) $6.99 lb.

  • Cheezy Cheddar Brats (filled w/ cheezy nuggets of heaven) $5.99 lb.

  • Uncle Leroy's Potato Salad (yellow and fabulous) $4.49 lb.


don't forget the sides...

 WMCo Homemade Chicken Salad

Seafood salad

Infamous Dave's smoked baked beans infused with brisket & pulled pork

Give us a call today to place your advance order!

(630) 668-0555

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