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The plot chickens...

wmco chicken leg.png

Jan. 25th - Jan. 31st Specials

  • Smoked Salmon (sea candy) $14.99 lb.

  • Ultimate Burger Grind (brisket/shoulder combo!) $6.99 lb.

  • PRIME Ball Tip Roasts (affordable and amazing!) $8.99 lb.

  • Long Meaty Lucious Chicken Legs $2.99 lb.

  • Peer Bacon (amazing bacon) $5.99 lb.


don't forget the sides...

 WMCo Homemade Chicken Salad

Seafood salad

Infamous Dave's smoked baked beans infused with brisket & pulled pork

Give us a call today to place your advance order!

(630) 668-0555

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