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When in doubt, grill it out...

wmco chicken thighs.png

Apr. 17th - Apr. 23rd 



*Marshaun's Skittle Brats (weird yes, amazing? yes!) $5.99 lb.


*Choice Fillet Mignon (cut to order, $5/lb off!) $29.99 lb.


*Ground Chuck (ground here daily w/ superior meats!) $6.99 lb.


*5 lb. Bag of Chuck $6.49 lb.

*Mike's BBQ Butterfly Pork Chops (to die for)  $6.99 lb.


*Boneless Skinless Chicken Thunder Thighs $4.49 lb.



don't forget the sides...

 WMCo Homemade Chicken Salad

Seafood salad

Infamous Dave's smoked baked beans infused with brisket & pulled pork

Give us a call today to place your advance order!

(630) 668-0555

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