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About Us

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Since 1940 the Wheaton Meat Company has been a family-owned business.


We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and offering the highest quality foods.

Many weekdays, we cheerfully grind out fresh sausages to the dulcet tempo of the polka music that plays in the background. As where grocery stores will serve you prepackaged vein-steaks on a styrofoam tray wrapped up like a gas station sandwich, our steaks are beautifully marbled, cut to order, and wrapped in quality freezer-ready butcher paper that will keep the juices with the steaks and not trickling through your refrigerator.


Our salmon and chicken are delivered fresh every single day and our deli counter has a chock-full assortment of top-end Boar’s Head meats and cheeses.

We know our customers have made a conscious decision to shop at our store instead of a sterile corporate chain, and we believe it is our responsibility to reward that choice with the superiority of our products and the efficiency and friendliness of our service.


So stop by the Wheaton Meat Company and prepare to have your meat pampered.

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