January 22nd-28th Specials

Boneless Ribeye Steaks (cut while you wait, any size!) $12.99 lb.

Ground Beef (ground in house every morning!) $4.29 lb.

5 lb. Bag o' Ground Beef $3.99 lb.

Whole Chickens (delivered fresh daily, hormone free!) $2.19 lb.

Boneless Poke Chops $3.99 lb.

Boar's Head Tavern Ham $4.49 1/2 lb.

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Wheaton Meat for dinner

What's for dinner?

Need a new recipe for your steak, chicken, or chops? We happen to have a few...

We're More Than Meat

“Steaks are beautiful, bacon cheddar pub burgers are to die for, and their chicken salad ALWAYS hits the spot.” 

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