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Work Safe

Work Fast

Work Precise

Sharp edges require less effort which increases knife control & accuracy and decreases risk of slips & cuts.

Cutlass Sharpening provides high quality results by utilizing a variety of methods best required for your blade:

  • Low RPM, water cooled stone grinders

  • Fine abrasives

  • Japanese water, ceramic & diamond stones

  • Compound polishing

Professionally trained technicians

Guaranteed results.

Drop-off available during store hours.

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Fixed & Folding Knives

(by blade length)

Up to 6"        $5.00

Over 6"        $7.00

Each add'l folding blade   +$2

Serrated   +$2

Chips/Nicks/Broken Tips  +$3

Several Scissors

Scissors & Shears

(by blade length)

Up to 4"   $6.00

Over 4"   $8.00

Pinking/Fabric Shears   $10.00

Knife Edge Scissor       $10.00

Industrial Shears         $15.00

Chips/Nicks    +$4.00

*Blades must open to 90 degrees or able to disassemble

Gardening Shed

Garden Tools

Axes/Hatchets    $10.00

Hoe/Shovel/Spade-hand  $10.00

Hoe/Shovel/Spade-long handle $10.00

Loppers/Pruners/Shears >90 degrees  $10.00

Loppers/Pruners/Shears <90 degrees  $10.00

Mower Blades  $15.00 

wmco knives (1).png

Sharpening available during store hours.

Contact Us with questions.

Salmon Sashimi

“My knives have never been sharper and the time between sharpenings is much longer than with my previous service."

- Christina T.  Wilmette, IL

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