Cutlass Knife Sharpening

Knife on Cutting Board

A Partnership Made In Heaven!


How convenient would it be to drop off your ridiculously dull knives at the local butcher shop and pick them up razor sharp a few days later? Or how awesome would it be to simply drop them in the mail and have them sent back to you? Now that Wheaton Meat Company has partnered with Cutlass Knife Sharpening you can do either!

Head on down to Wheaton Meat, drop your knives and peruse our fantastic selection of gourmet meats and products! In a few days head back in, pick’em up, pay and be on your way! Piece of cake!


Cutlass Knife Sharpening technicians bring old time craftsmanship to blade sharpening. We take pride in our work, handling every blade as if it were our own. New knives and tools are generally not sold as sharp as they can be, if they are sharp at all. Our goal is to deliver a better than original edge that allows you to achieve the full potential of your blade’s original design.

Please visit the Cutlass website for further information, including prices and mail-in/drop off forms.